Industry: Glassware Manufacturing

Comprehensive intervention focusing on improving production and packing cell design, distribution centre systems improvements including a visual kanban system and an internal milk-run system, various process kaizen/LIFT events, scrap reduction, process yield improvements, material and energy cost savings.

  • Project timeline: 35 weeks
  • Project cost: $386,453
  • Project annualized savings: $4,000,000
  • Return on Investment: 10.4
Previous Layout and Material Flow
Current Layout


  • Improved material flow (also increased safety)
  • Direct line-side staging of raw materials
  • Forklift operate milkrunsin zones, one less driver needed
  • Lines dedicated to families
  • Offloading can be staffed by one operator
  • Andon and material call installed
  • Improved standardized work and line balance on a product family basis with major efficiency gains
  • Daily management system put in place

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