Lean Work Cells and Lines


Lean work cells and lines are critical in restructuring operations for work flow. This workshop focuses on the design of these cells and the systems needed to support their effective operation. Participants will design, implement and operate realistic cells in simulation exercises. We will also pay special attention to logistics support systems and daily management strategies following the jidoka principle. This workshop is usually 4 full, interactive days.

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Conduct production flow analysis for product family identification in complex situations
  • Design workstations considering motion economy and human factors engineering and job satisfaction
  • Layout a work cell for flow
  • Apply advanced cell structuring approaches in complex, high-variety applications
  • Design and balance the work for maximum labor efficiency
  • Develop systems to promote team member engagement in improving line performance and productivity
  • Classify work content variability on mixed model lines and use this concept to design more flexible and effective lines capable of absorbing variability on a day-to-day basis and as product mix changes
  • Design several alternative flex-work systems that maximize line productivity and improve line performance under various conditions, including unpredictable work content variation
  • Develop standardized work documentation systems, including effective systems for high variety operations
  • Design effective internal production control systems
  • Design material presentation and replenishment systems, including part delivery systems and kitting and minomi approaches
  • Develop team member skills using work-element standardization and element-based training systems
  • Build strong quality control systems into the design and operation of the line
  • Apply principles and practices for effective daily management of the cells and lines

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for operations leaders with a strong background in lean fundamentals. The principles, however, are equally applicable to any work environment, especially healthcare clinical operations and emergency departments, surgery centers and services such as claims processing, or sales order processing. We can conduct this workshop using example from your organization given a few short weeks of preparation time.


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