Lean Leader Certification


The improvement of work flow and implementation lean tools is really only the very beginning of your lean transformation. Becoming a lean organization requires the creation of special management systems, organizational structures and strategic policy deployment systems. The Lean Leadership Certification series is an advanced set of workshops focusing on preparing a select group of leaders to become the internal consultants and coaches organizations need to be self-sufficient on their lean journey. Like the Lean Systems Certification Series, this series consists of three week-long workshops, completed over the course of 3 to 4 months. It requires participants to complete additional projects in their workplaces during the intervals and present their Results to their classmates.

These three advanced courses are:

1. The Lean Way 4 – Transformation Technology:

Map and redesign technical systems to support and sustain lean operations extending the transformation to the transactional and services processes. Apply useful analytic techniques to decide how to structure operations, management and control systems. Apply lean systems design principles to transactional and internal logistics processes as well as lean auditing systems and total equipment management. Explore the concepts of factory physics and discover how useful these tools are for analyzing complex operations and problems.

2. The Lean Way 5 – Leadership the Lean Way:

Discover leading thinking on leadership in today’€™s environment. Explore the value and methods of developing servant leadership in organizations. We will also introduce specific strategies and techniques for coaching, teaching and facilitating change activities. Hear from senior leaders and change agents their personal stories of their lean journeys. Learn the details of Hoshin planning and policy deployment for daily management and breakthrough changes. Participants will work through visioning and Hoshin exercises to have a solid plan to execute on their return to work.

3. The Lean Way 6 – The Lean Enterprise:

This capstone workshop reviews the knowledge gained through all previous workshops and projects and requires successful application of principles, tools, techniques and practices in the F35V Strike Fighter System Simulation, a comprehensive extended enterprise exercise. We will further explore additional concepts on change and on problem solving.

Outcomes & Objectives

– Analyze and select applicable lean principles and tools
  • Develop innovative solutions to challenging problems and applying factory physics
  • Develop and deploy a Hoshin strategy
  • Analyze services and transactional processes using lean tools
  • Design effective kitting and internal logistics processes
  • Deploy a total equipment management strategy in your organization
– Become a learning organization
  • Develop and pilot a servant leader development program
  • Evaluate a scenario and apply appropriate leadership techniques
  • Teach and coach lean principles, techniques, tools and practices to your coworkers
– Create a better place to work
  • Build teams and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Enhance the meaningfulness of the work people do
  • Deploy a suggestion system aimed at developing analytical skills in the workforce


We conduct this series annually for the public. We can do it onsite for individual companies large enough to warrant a full series. This workshop requires no special facilities. The ideal meeting space is approximately 30’€™ x 30’€™.

Target Audience

This series is designed to equip participants to serve as internal consultants and coaches to sustain your continuous improvement culture. The series is intellectually rigorous and is not appropriate for all team members. We expect that participants will have already mastered lean operations and tools. This series takes them to the next level.


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