5S & Visual Control


These two basic lean tools can be universally applied in the office, clinic, service operations, or on the manufacturing floor, yielding major performance gains. Our focus goes well beyond housekeeping. This course is normally conducted over 2 days and we strongly recommend integration of a workplace 5S/visual-control project with the course. We have developed specific manufacturing, health care  and office or transactional versions of this course.

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Describe effective procedures for sorting necessary from unnecessary materials and conducting red-tag campaigns
  • Describe principles for locating and organizing materials that eliminate wastes of motion and searching while preventing mistakes in process execution.
  • Apply techniques for facilitating continuous cleanup
  • Make 5S systems fail safe and self sustaining
  • Implement visual controls at both the process and system level
  • Use color coding systems
  • Set specific visual control system objectives and select the best practices for realizing those objectives
  • Integrate visual controls in support of lean management practices
  • Structure and deploy auditing systems to enhance and sustain both 5S and visual control in the workplace

Target Audience

This course is designed for any audience, including front line personnel, office staff, operations leaders and professional work teams. We employ workstation and system-level exercises selected to be most relevant to your organization.


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