Facilitation Skills for Building Teams


Teams are critical for success. Today’€™s global marketplace makes innovation and velocity the most important factors in maintaining a competitive edge. A team-based organization structure, with high-performing work teams drives both. Teams allow us to involve our workforce in the decision-making and improvement of our workplaces. They mitigate the risk we have in empowering our employees. Teams provided a fantastic learning environment, because team mates can watch each other perform, learning certain knack points to make work easier and sparking even more ideas. But most importantly from an overall systems perspective, teams allow people to form and nurture relationships with one another. Because we rely on these relationships to improve overall work performance, we can’t very well expect to simply throw a diverse group of people together and have them perform at a high level. Teams must be built. Building teams starts with understanding what makes a team different from a group:

  • Diversity (of experience, of thinking and learning styles, of skills)
  • A common, unifying goal

Beyond these two critical factors, team building activities should be designed to help teams progress through the normal team development stages of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. This workshop, which can be customized to last from four hours to three days to teach your facilitators the skills they need to be more effective in bringing change to your organization.

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Discuss the value of facilitation
  • Describe planning and preparation requirements for facilitating activities
  • Teach and lead team building activities
  • Explore a variety of new tools for trainers and facilitators
  • Apply facilitation tools for problem solving and decision making
  • Make effective presentations to deliver information, persuade resistant people or get a decision
  • Teach others how to make effective presentations


We conduct this workshop on demand for individual companies. This workshop requires no special facilities.

Target Audience

This program is appropriate for trainers, team leaders or department managers.


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