Learning Through a Suggestion System


In this 2-day workshop, we’€™ll discuss ways to develop or “re-energize” your suggestion system by looking at the specific purpose the system performs for the organization. Discover how to reset the purpose of the system as it evolves and as skills improve. Discuss the short- and long-term impact of participation in the system, how to merge multiple employee involvement systems into a single, integrated system designed to enhance individual self-efficacy, improve problem solving skills and promote job satisfaction. We’ll also discuss how this structure promotes a lean and continuous improvement culture.

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Design a system to promote problem solving skills in the workplace
  • Describe the three stages in the evolution of suggestion systems and how the purpose changes with each
  • Describe how key features of the suggestion system can enhance both self-efficacy and satisfaction levels of team members
  • Use the C4 card to solve a problem or improve a process
  • Create a visual system for managing suggestions

Target Audience

This workshop is for suggestion system coordinators, human resources and training managers, peer coaches at a variety of levels in the organization.


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