What We Do

Healthcare improvement offers us an opportunity to have a much broader impact on our communities than any other work we do. Because it is so important, we are very careful about how we approach the systematic transformation of health care operations. It is critical that during the transformation, we focus on ensuring that everyone involved learns and understands the significance of the changes we will be making.

Ideally, we would begin with educating the executives and helping them lay out a transformation plan. In reality, however, we have to show the executives the power of our approach before they will commit to learning more. With this in mind, our healthcare engagements usually begin with a site visit and discussion about your needs. We’€™ll schedule and conduct a detailed assessment of your current state.

This assessment pulls no punches. It provides the absolute truth about what’€™s really happening and identifies a series of activities to launch the transformation of the organization. The assessment report will include firm estimates of the savings these activities will produce and what costs will be involved in achieving those savings.

Working closely with the medical staff – from the administrators, through the physicians and nurses, all the way to the support staff – we will prioritize and schedule those activities. During the execution of each of these, typically as a part of our strategic transformation partnership, we will be teaching the participants the principles, practices, tools, techniques and underlying theories behind everything we’€™re doing so they will be equipped to continue driving improvements long after we’€™re gone. They will gain confidence by working in a team that truly collaborates to produce better outcomes for the patient and better outcomes for the provider.

Rest assured that our approach for your organization and your facilities will be carefully tailored to your specific needs, goals and objectives. We’€™ll help shape those goals and objectives to push you to achieve better outcomes than you may believe are possible.

ILS will continued to stay involved in your transformation, coaching your people, helping set new goals, evolving your management system and minimizing back-sliding until you’€™re confident enough to go it alone.


  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care centers
  • Clinics
  • Home health care services
  • Medical Device manufacturing and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution


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