Lean System Designer Software

Lean Systems Designer is an easy to use software application developed by ILS that guides you step-by-step as you eliminate waste and reduce costs in your operations. You start with work process videos and you end up with an efficient lean standardized work process.

Lean Systems Designer is built upon a process for operations improvement that consistently delivers major performance gains. A series of videotapes are obtained to document each team member’s work as well as equipment operations. A smooth software interface enables you to quickly extract current state time standards from the video and to analyze each step for waste. You then start a process of improvement and future state work design, projecting time savings through motion economy, elimination of non-value-add activities, and line balance. Instruction to guide you through this process is built in, and it allows you to tailor the work design to the unique features and requirements of your operation. Lean Systems Designer guides you through a piloting process to confirm and refine the new work design. The final step involves fully documenting the improved process, including video capture of key and knack points that are essential for effective team member training.

Lean Systems Designer not only guides you through a highly effective process for operations improvement, it does all the tedious work for you. For example, your kaizen idea that changes a time standard for one work element is accounted for in all of the standardized work forms automatically and adjustments in the work design are quick and effortless. Once the work has been designed, it becomes a valuable platform for operator training and continuous improvement.

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