Problem Solving (C4)


This in depth workshop focuses on problem solving, using real problems from the workplace as the training tool. Participants will identify, define, analyze, solve problems using the C4 Problem Solving Method, a standard approach rooted in Deming’s PDCA cycle, and using practices from other problem solving processes such as Six Sigma and TRIZ. This workshop is most effective when conducted onsite over 2 to 4 days, allowing time for detailed data collection and analysis, getting team members involved in the process, and developing and testing countermeasures through controlled experimentation.

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Describe the PDCA cycle
  • Differentiate between structured and unstructured brainstorming, giving pros and cons of each; use a structured brainstorming approach
  • Discuss the importance of clear problem definition
  • Use multiple approaches to root cause analysis
  • Develop and test countermeasures
  • Develop plans to implement selected countermeasures
  • Implement a solution to a workplace problem
  • Determine methods of tracking solutions to ensure the problem has been solved at the root cause
  • Demonstrate how to update standardized work to incorporate a solution
  • Evaluate a team’€™s effectiveness in following the C4 process

Target Audience

The workshop is designed for supervisors, department managers and support staff who will serve as problem solving trainers and coaches in the organization.


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