Methodology – ILS System

Our methodology flows from our experiences in dealing with different types of working organizations. We have organized the transformation around 3 phases with unbounded time frames. We have listed the general steps below, but your needs and capabilities will dictate the actual transformation sequence. Often, we will begin with an executive session to layout the specific methodology for your transformation and getting all of your leaders up to speed to be able to support and promote the effort. For some companies, we’ll get better executive response by generating some gains first.

To begin the change process, the existing system has to be exposed as ineffective and the only way to show this is by making a rapid dramatic change in a limited scope. We call this the JOLT. After the disruption, we want to STABILIZE the new processes to ensure everyone can comply with the new standards. When the system has stabilized, we can begin to IMPROVE it.

Phase 0: Strategic planning and training for senior leaders

Phase I: Jolt

  • Step 1: Assessment/Value Stream Mapping & Analysis to identify opportunities
  • Step 2: Develop sequence of execution and plans for resources
  • Step 3: Set baseline performance metrics
  • Step 4: Gain approval and commitment from senior leadership to execute the plan, provide resources and assign people
  • Step 5: Execute LIFT events in the assigned sequence (Includes 5S activities)

Phase II: Stabilize

  • Step 6: Develop standardized work for all affected work places
  • Step 7: Patient Job Instruction Training for affected people
  • Step 8: Patient coaching to achieve new standards
  • Step 9: C4 Problem solving training and deployment
  • Step 10: Daily management system development and deployment

Phase III: Improve

  • Step 11: Team Leader, Supervisor, and Value Stream Manager development
  • Step 12: Restructuring the organization around teams
  • Step 13: Set aggressive performance improvement goals
  • Step 14: Improve standardized work
  • Step 15: Plan for integrating and improving supporting operations

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